About Us

With designers in the US and Taiwan, and facilities in mainland China, we maintain close contact with our clients. And we also have opened sales offices in Singapore and South Korea to efficiently cater to buyers in these markets. Source your RJ45 modular jacks integrated with transformers and other items from us - we offer flexible minimum order quantities that you are sure to appreciate.

Additional reasons to source from us are our reduced development times, six-month guarantees and more flexible end-product configurations. All production processes take place at our low-cost ISO 9001:2000- and ISO 14001:2004-compliant factory in mainland China. We also maintain defect rates of only 0.001 percent, and repeat order rates of 100 percent.

Through preferred-buyer relationships with local suppliers from major supply hubs, we obtain RoHS Directive-compliant raw materials faster and more affordably - ensuring competitive prices and the fastest delivery of your orders possible. And we're expanding into South America and Europe, so buyers there can enjoy the same benefits. For samples within two weeks, talk to us today.